Christopher Pew grew up in Lowbanks Ontario, Canada. A small community nestled along Lake Erie's shoreline. It was during the early stages of his life that he began an interest in art and drawing. He would spend many hours a day making drawings or painting pictures for friends - something he kept up until his early 20's.

Upon graduating from a design course in Niagara in 1988, Christopher left the world of fine art to pursue a career in graphic design. PC's had just recently been established as the tool for graphic arts, and in no time his skills and talents were developed in computer graphic design. From 1988 until 2002, Christopher worked as a graphic artist for a variety of graphic design firms, newspapers and magazines, but slowly found he missed the fine arts. One day in November of 2003, he left the cubicle environment and taking a "leap of faith", picked up his first paintbrush in almost 20 years and began actively painting. Having a young family and a "bill's to pay" lifestyle, this was no easy task, but he managed to gain some commission work and eventually gain shows and exhibits.

In October of 2006, Christopher began the practice of creating a painting in a day or less. This became the staple for his "Postcard Daily Study" series which, although not as frequent, continues today. These Postcard Daily Studies have become a collected item from buyers all over the world. Check back often as new pieces will be added.

Today, Christopher's work embodies his unique philosophy towards life. Each piece is an individually interpretive story. Subtleties of any symbolism allow the actual image itself to become the means for the viewer's own exploration within. Unique models, colour arrangement, subject placement and plays between light and dark are just a few of the areas that make Christopher Pew's artwork an interesting journey towards the nature of self-discovery.

Today, Christopher is involved in many new series of works which will all be showcased at events located within various cities around North America - with plans to eventually have these events in other parts of the world. Each series brings with it a new direction for the artist, a new vision and a new expression of creativity and exploration.

Christopher's work has been shown in galleries in the New York, Ontario, western Canada, and with special events located in his hometown of the Niagara Region. Christopher Pew's works continue to sell world-wide.

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