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FABRIC - Oil on Canvas

"Fabric" is a series of paintings, that highlights the color red as a potent thread, weaving together a mesmerizing tapestry of figures and surreal landscapes. Each canvas becomes a portal into a world where the intensity of red serves as both a chromatic anchor and an emotional catalyst. Amidst these crimson-hued realms, figures take on a life of their own. Faceless and expressionless they imbue a striking vitality that draws viewers into their enigmatic stories. They navigate in dreamlike landscapes, where reality bends and twists, giving rise to surreal vistas that blur the lines between the conceivable and the impossible. The red hues, at times vibrant and pulsating, at others deep and brooding, become more than just a color—they embody emotions, evoke passions, and carry the weight of symbolism. In this series, the convergence of red, figures, and surreal landscapes sparks a journey of introspection and wonder, beckoning viewers to explore the realms of imagination where the interplay of emotion and subject matter intertwine in a constantly moving dance.

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