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FRAGILE RESILIENCE - Oil on Board 12"X16"

Fragile Resilience is a series of paintings that is an evocative testament to the interplay between fragility and resilience, casting a mesmerizing spotlight on the delicate balance of life's intricate dance. Through the subtle yet profound symbolism of eggs and foil paper, each canvas becomes a narrative of vulnerability and strength intertwined. The fragility of the eggshell's delicate embrace guarding life's potential, mirrors the equally delicate nature of existence itself. Meanwhile, the foil paper, though seemingly thin and malleable, embodies resilience with its ability to catch and reflect light, revealing an underlying strength that defies initial perceptions. These artworks become a contemplation on the dual forces that shape our human experience – a poignant reminder that from the most delicate beginnings, profound resilience can emerge, glistening in the light of adversity.

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